Why Cyber Security Training is Important?

Cybersecurity training is important for several reasons. Technology is integrated into nearly every aspect of modern life; from our jobs, to our phones, to our cars and homes. As smart technology advances, the ways in which our lives can be greatly impacted by cybercrime increase dramatically. Unfortunately, the scope of the issue is often overlooked. This is because when we think of cybercrime and hacking, we tend to think of what makes national headlines, such as mass identity theft and stock manipulation. In reality there are countless ways that cyber-crimes can affect both your personal and business life, and it is important to realize that the worst outcome of these crimes isn’t always monetary loss.

Imagine a time in the near future when the majority of the population owns self-driving cars. Now imagine the potential damage resulting from a breach in the cyber security of even one of those car companies. This is just one example of the many ways in which improper training, or general lack of training, could prove to be both costly, and deadly. In a world in which technology continues to advance exponentially, the more pertinent question is, in what way is cyber security training not important?