Professional Cyber Security Programs

CyberSec Trainings Program (CSTP)

Cyber Security Trainings Pakistan Is Offering Major Cyber Security Programs In Different Domains

Cyber Security is about the protection of Individuals and Organizations from Cyber Attacks. Cyberspace is a fifth generation warfare domain and has recently attracted attention of many developed and developing countries. The reports of government websites being hacked and sensitive data being stolen by foreign groups are not new anymore. Effective cyber-attacks not only can compromise personal user information can also cripple entire nation’s infrastructure. Cyber Security has been therefore recognized as a global problem, transcending national boundaries. It is a rapidly growing challenge with new sophisticated zero-day attacks costing economies Billions of dollars annually. It particularly affects the developed world, developing countries are at higher risk due to the lack of expertise and shortage of security professionals with adequate skills and experience to effectively combat this rising threat. THERE WILL BE MILLIONS OF CYBER SECURITY JOBS IN FUTURE AS THE TECHNOLOGY IS ADVANCING DAY BY DAY. ACCORDING TO THE U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR AND STATISTICS; AS AN INFORMATION SECURITY ANALYST, THE MEDIAN SALARY IS $90,120 PER YEAR. WORKING IN THE CYBER SECURITY FIELD IS MORE THAN JUST THE MONEY.

Cyber Security Trainings Pakistan is offering major programs for Absolute Beginners to Professionals in Different Major Domains of Cyber Security to build National Capabilities and Capacities to produce Professionals & Solutions in the field of Cyber Security.

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