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This course is designed for absolute beginners in mind , while this course will take absolute beginners to expert level. In this course the most advanced topics are also covered.

 I have more than three years of teaching experience at the University and I have carefully designed the contents of the course to be the most comprehensive, fully compatible with industrial requirements and easy to digest. Rest Assured we have covered all the concepts in Python with The most interactive contents.

Course contents:

  • Python Overview and Installation

  • Datatypes The Material For Code

  • Basics of Python and Numeric Data Type

  • String Data Type

  • List and Tuple Data Type

  • Boolean Data Type

  • Dictionaries and Sets Data type

  • For Loops

  • Program Flow Control(PROCESS on Material

  • IF Statement

  • WHILE Loops

  • File Input and Output

  • Functions in Python

  • Advanced Topics

  • Object Oriented Programming(OOP)



  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Keep in mind that this course is the most complete course in Python. Covering all the concepts to have master level skill in python. Enroll now and let's get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Students & Professional who want to learn Python

  • Professional who want to upgrade their Python Knowledge

  • Students who are looking for career in web development

  • Students who are looking for career in Machine Learning

  • Students who want to be confident about their Python Skill


  • A Smile....:)

Curriculum for this course

  • Python Overview and Installation
  • Its all about Environments(IDE)
  • First code and IDE
  • IDE walk through
  • What is Virtual Environment
  • Installing and creating Virtual Environment
  • Activating Virtual Environment
  • Run Code and Key Board Short Cuts
  • Datatypes The Material For Code***
  • Print and Comments
  • What is Indentation
  • Variable and Variable Assignment
  • Numeric Data
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • PEDMAS What the heck
  • CODE
  • Augumented Assignments
  • CODE
  • String Data Type Introduction
  • What is Indexing and String Indexing
  • String Concatenation
  • String Formatting
  • String Formatting Advance
  • Most used Built in Methods for Strings
  • CODE
  • List Data Type Intro
  • How to define List
  • List and List Indexing
  • Most used Built-in Methods for List
  • CODE
  • Tuple and Concept of Mutability
  • CODE
  • Range Sequence Type
  • Range Exercise
  • CODE
  • Boolean Datatype
  • Comparison Operators in Boolean Datatype
  • Logical Operators in Boolean Datatype
  • Identity Operators in Boolean Datatype
  • Membership Operators in Boolean Datatype
  • code
  • Dictionaries Datatype
  • Retrieving Values from Dictionaries
  • Retrieving Values from Dictionaries Part_2
  • Most used Builtin Methods for Dictionaries
  • CODE
  • Sets Datatypes
  • CODE
  • Iterator and Iterable
  • CODE
  • Loop a Stupid Servant
  • Nested For Loop
  • Applications of For loop Exercises and Challenges
  • Tuple Unpacking using For Loop
  • CODE
  • CODE
  • Program FLow Control and IF Statement-
  • Syntax of IF statement Easy Way
  • Find IF CAT or DOG Person Exercise
  • Exercise on ELIF Statement
  • Nested IF
  • Logical Operators with IF statement
  • Rare IF conditions
  • For and IF together Exercise
  • Continue and Break Statement
  • For and IF Together Exercise 1
  • Prime Number Challenge
  • Word Counter Challenge
  • Code
  • While Loop Syntax
  • While Loop Condition
  • String Cleaning using While Loop Exercise
  • Jungle Rescuer Challenge
  • CODE
  • Reading Data from Files
  • Reading Data with ReadLine Exercise
  • Making Which Craft Book Exercise
  • Writing File
  • Appending Files
  • CODE
  • Why the Heck we need Function
  • Function Definition
  • Return and Print are different
  • Parameter vs Argument
  • what is Star_args
  • Star_args Exercise
  • Star_args In Nut Shell
  • Key Word Arguments
  • code
  • Local Scope in Function
  • Global Scope
  • CODE
  • Global Scope Exercise.
  • CODE
  • Non Local Scope and Keyword
  • CODE
  • Summarizing it all
  • CODE
  • Global Variable across Modules
  • Calculate Factorial Using Functions
  • CODE
  • Recursive Function
  • CODE
  • Fabanucci Sequence, Skull Crawler Exercise
  • CODE
  • Os Read file and folder Exercise 1 using Walk Generator
  • CODE
  • Read file and folder Exercise 2 using Recursive Function Part_1
  • Read file and folder Exercise 2 using Recursive Function Part_2
  • Recursive Function Understand 2nd way
  • CODE
  • Standard Libraries and Modules
  • Using Imported Libraries
  • CODE
  • Some Famous Modules
  • CODE
  • Generators Part 1
  • Generators Part 2
  • CODE
  • Decorators
  • CODE
  • List Comprehension
  • Condition in List Comprehension
  • CODE
  • Nested FOR and IF in List Comprehension
  • CODE
  • Else In Comprehension Expression
  • CODE
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • Class Definition
  • Attributes and Methods
  • code
  • Initialization Function
  • code
  • Class Exercise with initialization function
  • CODE
  • Name Spaces in Classes Advance
  • CODE
  • ***Phokat Bank Project Ltd***
  • Phokat Bank Project
  • Balance Show using Nested Function
  • Balance Check using Logical Operator
  • CODE
  • Datetime Module and Transactions
  • CODE
  • Static Method
  • Bank Account Creation Message
  • CODE
  • PEP8 and Meaning of Undescores
  • Meaning of Undescores Part 2
  • CODE
  • Name Mangling and Non Local
  • CODE
  • Magic Methods or Dundder Methods
  • How to Document Your Code
  • Zombie Vampire Game Project OOP***
  • Zombie Game Project
  • Getter and setter for score
  • Enemy Class
  • Inheritance in Action
  • Method Overloading in Action
  • Killing Mechanism of Zombie Enemy
  • Accessing Method in super Class, Ducking
  • Final Battle King Zombie Vampire
  • CODE: Main
  • CODE: PLAYER Class
  • CODE:Enemy Class
  • Polymorphism in Action
  • CODE
  • Test Your Python Skills
  • Lets Summarize it All
  • NOTE
  • Method-1:Creating Django Project
  • Method-2:Creating Virtual Environment: part-1
  • Method-2:Activating Virtual Environments:Part-2
  • Method-2:Creating Django Project Manually:Part-3
  • How Does Web Browsing Works
  • Url Pattrens
  • How to Connect HTML Pages
  • How to Make Multiple Pages Web App
  • Django User_Input
  • Django Article Analyzer WebApp Version_1
  • Laying Foundation for Machine Learning Integration
  • Git and Git Hub
  • Introduction to AI and ML

About Expert

Dr Ahmad Mohsin

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 Mohsin Khalil Ahmad Served as Lecturer in Well reputed University and is linked to Academia for the last 6 years. He has a PhD in aerospace engineering. He has been using Python for scientific computing, Data Analysis and Machine Learning for the last 10 years.

Mr. Mohsin Khalil have worked as Research Engineer in AeroTraNet2 Project which Included top European Aerospace Industries Like Airbus France, Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics(VKI) Brussels  and Universities like Uni Leicester London,UK

Mr. Mohsin have won numerous awards, including ,Erasmas Mundas Scholar, Marie Curie Fellow, Italian National Research Award and counting and have authored numerous research articles.

You are being taught by the best of the best.

What will i learn?

  • Learn Python Programming from Scratch to Professional Level
  • Master Object Oriented Programming
  • Have a Complete Understanding of the Python Programming Language.
  • Build Article Analyzer web App using Python Django
  • Learn About Git and Github
  • Advanced Python Concepts and Hands On practice
  • Learn complex Concepts like Multiple Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Built the Larger Projects and Get Comfortable with working in Industrial level Projects
  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Frequently asked questions

Cyber attacks are getting smarter by the day. Cybersecurity professionals are always busy outsmarting black hat hackers, patching vulnerabilities and analyzing the risk of an organization. Tackling such attacks in an ever-advancing industry only comes with continuous studyand thorough research. Also there are millions of Jobs in the market of Cyber Field.

Yes there will be limited seats in this program which will be on first come first serve bases. In the First Batch, CyberSec Training Program (CSTP) have only Limited seats for Students across the country & Overseas Pakistanis. Students with late fee submission i.e. after Limited seats will be accomodate in next Batch.

Yes, on successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded certificate from CyberSec Trainings Program (CSTP). Our certificate is verifiable globally by any company or potential employers through a public url or QR code embedded on certificate. 

All over Pakistani there are a rare Universities offering Cyber Security Programs, also they are charging in Millions from Students. CSTP is an Organization where you have to pay only minor enrollment fee which are just managerial charges & equal to Free.

According to course completion criteria, trainees will need to complete 100% progress to become eligible for Certificate.

Each component (Video, Quizzes and Assignments) carries a certain percentage of the total score of 100%. 

To participate in CyberSec Trainings Programme (CSTP), students have to adopt the following process:

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